Binoverse NFT

SocialFi – DAO in BOT - allow users to have a say in data and insight

“Recommend to earn

What is Binoverse ?

Binoverse, a new SocialFi DAO platform that enables merchants and personal sellers to create their own e-stores and conduct business on the blockchain by accepting Cryptocurrency and stable currencies, is the first to offer e-commerce with social components in the Crypto World. Binoverse has a variety of features, like AI Intelligent Support (BINOs), Reselling, and Recommendation to earn and so on.

Users, whether they are buyers or sellers, will have a sensation of being aided by earning. Instead of keep clicking actively, seeking, or browsing for a products, the world first artificial intelligence pet (BINOs), as well as a chatbot that will assist users and companies to lower down their marketing costs with the main purpose “RECOMMEND TO EARN.

What is BINOs ?

BINOs (NFTs on Eth) Chatbots, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in NLP Level 4 (Few shot algorithm) . An advanced strategy for searching, promoting, and proposing in the managing your store setup, customer service, and inquiries to enhance the shopping experience of your potential consumers, as well as for other purposes. Each BINOs will have a distinct look and feel according to the training process, with an estimated 10,000 BINOs being produced.

Binoverse - Utility


AI Assistant

BINOs being your Virtual Assistant via AR & Hologram


Right is granted to use as Brand logo, Mascot, crossover, Buyable design. Furthermore...!

Profit sharing

5% of project profit will be issue as BINO token to NFT holders

More will come...

Web 2.0/3.0

BINOs Chatbot app

BINOs live not only Metaverse but also current Web 2.0. Chat and serve people Holders able to Integrate the NLP Level 3 Chatbot to their web / mobile application

Tailor-trained AI Chatbot

BINOs serve for your online & onchain store, it can be tailor trained for your unique store. To enhance shopping experience for your user.

More will come...


Metaverse Integration

BINOs integrate with Metaverse and assist you everywhere in the game.

Whitelist & Airdrop

BINOVERSE keeps develop and build ecosystem by launching different types of crypto projects. Owner will have right to get early access to projects (Example: BINO token)

More will come...

Binoverse Roadmap

Community Kick off

  • Launch Social Media Communities
  • Official Minter Website
  • Rolling out BINOs NFT Mint (To be launched)

Development Start

  • Development of BINOVERSE PLATFORM
  • Reengine UI of chatbot to compatible with BINOs NFT
  • FEW shot Algo

Project Crossover and BINOxDEFI

  • 3D modeling for BINOs
  • Announcement of project cooperation and BINOxDEFI Intro

Utility in reailty

  • ONLINE OFFLINE BINOs Companion as hologram & VR
  • Chatbot claiming


  • BINOVERSE communities in other metaverse & gamefi projects
  • More will come ...


When is the public mint date?

How many is the total supply?

Do we have copyright on using BINOs?

How can I get access to the whitelist?

What is Recommend to Earn?

Can I resell to Earn?

Can I earn without setting up store / doesn't own a sales busniess?